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Death By TBR Books

Ghostland: Ghost Hunter Edition (Omnibus) - Duncan Ralston

Ghostland: Ghost Hunter Edition (Omnibus) - Duncan Ralston

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Tell me... what are you afraid of?

 Be first in line for the most haunted theme park in the park in the world - GHOSTLAND! Discover and explore hundreds of haunted buildings and cursed objects! Witness spectral beings of all kinds with our patented Augmented Reality glasses! Experience all the terror and thrills the afterlife has to offer, safely protected by our Recurrence Field technology! Visit Ghostland today - it's the most terrifying place on earth!


 Former best friends and gaming partners Ben Laramie and Lilian Roth reunite at Ghostland on opening day with ulterior motives. Lilian has come with her therapist as "exposure therapy," to face her fear of death dead on. Ben has come seeking revenge on his former idol, deceased horror author Rex Garrote, whose haunted house is the park's star attraction.

 But when a computer virus sets the ghosts free and the park goes into lockdown, the trio find themselves trapped in an endless nightmare. Ben and Lilian must use their wits and rely on each other to survive.

 What comes to be known as the "Ghostland Disaster" is just the beginning for Ben and Lilian. His spirit finally set free, Rex Garrote declares war against the living. He'll use the psychic trauma of the Ghostland mass murder to tear open a dimension between the mortal and ethereal worlds known as the Dark Rift, and unleash its legion of nightmare creatures upon anyone who refuses to kneel before him.

 Ben and Lilian may have escaped Ghostland... but can they prevent the End of Everything?

 This Omnibus Edition contains the entire Ghostland Trilogy, including the "prequel," new chapters, an all-new "post-credits scene," bonus Ghost Hunter's Guide entries and interior artwork.

 The complete box set of the Ghostland Trilogy contains the following books:

- The Moving House: A Prequel to Ghostland

- Ghostland

- Afterlife: Ghostland 2.0

- Ghostland: Infinite

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