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The Chemical History of a Candle - Michael Faraday

The Chemical History of a Candle - Michael Faraday

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The Chemical History of a Candle is an enlightening and engaging exploration of the science behind the humble candle. Written by the renowned scientist Michael Faraday, this classic work offers a detailed examination of the chemical reactions that occur when a candle is burned, and how these reactions relate to the larger principles of physics and chemistry.

Through a series of fascinating experiments and demonstrations, Faraday brings to life the complex processes that are involved in the combustion of a candle, from the moment the wick is lit to the final flicker of the flame. He discusses topics such as the nature of heat, the composition of air, and the role of oxygen in combustion, providing a detailed and accessible introduction to the fundamental principles of chemistry.

Faraday's clear and engaging prose makes this book a pleasure to read, and his passion for science shines through on every page.

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