10 Ways to Cure Your Halloween Hangover

10 Ways to Cure Your Halloween Hangover

November 1st is always a challenging day for Halloween lovers. Here are a few fun things to do the day and week after Halloween if you're already missing it. Remember though Halloween is a state of mind and life style not a day of year BUT I do know that the magic and energy of others is definitely something that you can feel anywhere you are and that magic does dwindle a bit after All Hallows Eve. 

So here are a few ideas and don't forget if you are a horror fan there are plenty of dysfunctional family reads, tv episodes, and films to get you through November.

1) Carve a pumpkin. That's right go to the grocery store and grab a pumpkin or squash or some other gourd and carve it. 

2) Light some pumpkin scented candles and put on a spooky YouTube background and read a Halloween story or book. 

3) I love looking through one of my Vintage Halloween books and read about the history of the holiday and the traditions, costumes, and treats from years past.

4) Do Pamela's Pupkin's Halloween Workout

5) Go on a rainy gloomy fall hike.

6) Start a pinterest board, written, or type up a list of things and places you want to go to next fall and Halloween. I don't know about you but I'm already looking at pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and spooky corn mazes to go to next year.

7) Organize all your photos from this past Halloween and fall and make a folder or collage to look back on as you countdown to next Halloween.

8) Watch an episode or two of Halloween Wars, Halloween Cookie Challenge, or Halloween Baking Championship and then bake something similar that's festive.

9) Watch the Halloween films or a film that takes place on Halloween. It doesn't matter that it's early November you can get lost in the film and know that you can experience Halloween any time your heart desires.

10) Do household chores or lounge around in spooky attire or your Halloween costume. Why not? Your costume can be worn more than once a year. Oh and did  I mention to get yourself a pumpkin spice latte?

After this lull we can celebrate Creepmas! Stay tuned for a bunch of fun for holiday and Christmas horror.

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