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Clown in a Cornfield 3 The Church of Frendo - Adam Cesare

Clown in a Cornfield 3 The Church of Frendo - Adam Cesare

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The Church of Frendo is the terrifying third installment in the Bram Stoker Award–winning Clown in a Cornfield series by Adam Cesare. After surviving the Frendo rampage at Tillerson’s Farm, the Frendo attack in her college dorm, and the clown uprising in downtown Kettle Springs, Quinn Maybrook is determined to put an end to the cult of Frendo once and for all. But what Quinn doesn’t realize is that an evil like this never dies … it multiplies. 

Quinn has just survived yet another bloody run-in with Frendo, and somehow still she knows this won’t be the last. Tired of being hunted and seeing innocent people hurt, Quinn believes the only way to beat the horror is to take justice into her own hands and stop the Frendo followers herself. Little does she know that this path will take her across cornfields and states to where she will have to face the most dangerous menace yet: True believers.

It’s an all-new tale about the villains inside us all from the Bram Stoker Award–winning author, the master of slashers and suspense, Bram Stoker Award-winning author Adam Cesare.

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