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Death by TBR Books

Girls Who Burn - MK Pagano

Girls Who Burn - MK Pagano

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Jessica Goodman meets Jesse Q. Sutanto in this twisty enemies- to-lovers thriller, full of secrets, privilege, and murder.

The summer before her senior year, Addie hurled the worst words she could think of at her sister-and hours later, Fiona was found dead at the bottom of a ravine. The police ruled her death an accident, but Addie disagrees. Her ballet-prodigy sister didn't slip and fall; she was pushed. And her number one suspect: Thatcher Montgomery, the rich boy down the street who always had a thing for Fiona. No one believes Addie-least of all Thatcher's cousin, Seth, Addie's childhood rival and the boy she's always loved to hate. Arguing with Seth is easy; living with her own questionable choices involving Seth the night Fiona died . . . much harder. Then, one year later, Thatcher is found dead at the bottom of the same ravine and Addie is forced to admit she was wrong. To catch the real killer, she'll have to seek help from Seth-the only one she knows is innocent. As they dodge corrupt police and his even more corrupt family, Addie will have to decide if her growing bond with Seth is stronger than familial ties, and if their link will keep her safe-or turn her into the next victim.

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