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Goth Moth - Kai Luftner & Weibke Rauers

Goth Moth - Kai Luftner & Weibke Rauers

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From the world of Jitterbug, a picture book for any child who is afraid to step into the limelight and try something new!

Walter is a shy moth. He prefers to hide out in his quiet attic. But a fiery passion slumbers in him . . . In his heart he is a drummer, a true “Goth Moth.” There’s just one problem: Walter has no drums, let alone a band. The moth adores the music by Jitterbug (also known as Lady B. Marie)—his idol. At one of her concerts, the unimaginable happens: the Goth Moth now finds himself on stage, in the limelight.

Kai Lüftner’s rollicking rhymes tell the story of someone who flies under the radar with daring rhythm. Wiebke Rauers prepares the stage for our shy hero in such a thrilling way that you too will become a Goth Moth fan.

Rock on with Walter the Goth Moth and Lady B. Marie the Jitterbug in these musical refrains about being yourself!

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