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Death by TBR Books

Heart-Shaped Lies - Elizabeth Agyemang

Heart-Shaped Lies - Elizabeth Agyemang


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John Tucker Must Die meets A Good Girl's Guide to Murder in this tongue-in-cheek thriller about three feuding exes of a social media prank star who are forced to work together to solve the mystery of his death when his deactivated account resurfaces online with claims that one of them murdered him.

Kiara, Priscilla, and Nevaeh have nothing in common-except they just found out that they're all dating Tommy Harding, the internet's most famous teen prank star. KIARA is the girlfriend who the cameras know and love, the academic star who Tommy parades around in public to keep his image in check. PRISCILLA is Tommy's co-star. As a beauty influencer and an accomplice to Tommy's notorious antics, she's always known that the two of them could be the Internet's power couple-if only he would confess to his girlfriend what really goes on during their 'rehearsals'. And NEVAEH is the good girl, the pastor's daughter who'd never dream of dating a boy who's already taken. When a viral post from Tommy's social media account exposes his cheating ways during their high school class trip to Florida's biggest theme park, the girls are crushed-and furious. Tommy claims his account was hacked. Now, Kiara, Priscilla, and Nevaeh want him out of their lives. Forever. After all, Tommy doesn't just hold their hearts-he holds their secrets, too. But when Tommy's body is found the next morning, their so-called wish becomes a twisted reality. Because Tommy may be gone, but the internet is forever. And the girls are about to go from strangers to suspects….

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