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How to Help a Hungry Werewolf - Charlotte Stein

How to Help a Hungry Werewolf - Charlotte Stein

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What We do in the Shadows with the small town feels of Gilmore Girls in this swoon-worthy romance that will leave readers delightfully cozy and hungry for more.

When Cassandra Camberwell returns to her hometown of Hollow Brook to sort out her late grandmother’s affairs, the last person she expects to turn up on her doorstep is Seth Brubaker—her once best friend turned high school nemesis.

Apparently, he’s still intent on making her life a living hell, as he’s mysteriously always around. That is, until Seth reveals why he keeps showing up at her house: he’s an honest-to-goodness werewolf. And Cassie’s grandmother? She was a witch, and the only person in Hollow Brook who was able to help him out with the being-a-werewolf thing. Seth desperately needs Cassie’s grandmother’s witchy medicine, or every full moon he’ll end up with some body part inside out.

So, Cassie strikes a deal: she’ll give him all the witchy brews he needs to help with his furry ailment, in exchange for Seth telling her everything her grandmother revealed to him about being a witch. Things are fine for while—Cassie turns out to be great at making potions, and Seth is way more like the old friend she once knew—until a pack of angry werewolves show up, demanding Cassie help them with their lycanthropy problem too. There’s also the tiny issue of the mating bond that’s developing between them, and neither of them know if it’s real or just magic woo-woo nonsense. And as an extra bonus, if they don’t consummate the bond, well, they’ll actually…die.

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