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It's Only a Game - Kelsea Yu

It's Only a Game - Kelsea Yu

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In this twisty, fast-paced YA thriller, a dangerous game becomes all too real when Marina and her friends are framed for murder.

When Marina Chan ran from her old life, she brought nothing with her—not even her real name. Now she lives in fear of her past being discovered. But when her online gaming team is offered a tour of the headquarters of their favorite game, Marina can’t resist accepting, even though she knows it’s a risk.

Then the company founder is murdered during their tour. Whoever killed him plans to frame Marina and her friends for the murder unless they win four rounds of a dangerous game. A game that requires them to lie, trespass, and steal. A game that could destroy everything Marina’s worked so hard to build. , . . A game that she might not survive.

This twisty, fast-paced thriller is perfect for fans of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and Slay.

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