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Love at 350 Degrees - Lisa Peers

Love at 350 Degrees - Lisa Peers


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Food is their love language, but can they follow a recipe for romance?

When two women set in their ways meet as judge and contestant on the set of a TV baking competition, they must decide what they're willing to risk for the ultimate prize in this delectable debut.

Tori Moore, popular high school chemistry teacher, avid home baker, and soon-to-be empty nester, auditions for the American Bake-o-Rama TV competition at the urging of her twin teenagers. If she somehow makes it all the way, the prize money could allow her to finally open her own bakery. But still reeling from her divorce and being naturally risk-averse, it’s not just money that’s standing between Tori and her dreams.

Once on set in Sonoma wine country, Tori catches the eye of Kendra Campbell, the notoriously ruthless celebrity chef and Bake-o-Rama judge. Kendra is desperate to save her restaurant and expand her Chippy Chunk cookie empire, and the show is her ticket to financial security. But she’s been told to soften her approach in order to appease viewers seeking feel-good entertainment. After years spent fighting for space in a male-dominated industry, Kendra finds it challenging—and surprisingly rewarding—to make the shift from harsh critique to encouragement.

Tori, drawn to the uncompromising way Kendra moves through the world, senses a tenderness beneath her tough exterior. She and Kendra find it increasingly hard to keep their distance amid six slow-burn weeks of cooking challenges and kitchen disasters. For both of them, the best prize of all might just be love.

Sparks fly in this charming, wholesome debut lesbian novel set in Sonoma wine country that’s as warm and satisfying as a chocolate lava cake.

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