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Monster: The True Story of the Jeffrey Dahmer Murders

Monster: The True Story of the Jeffrey Dahmer Murders

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By: Anne E Schwartz

The real story of the shocking Jeffrey Dahmer murders, as told by the Milwaukee Journal reporter who broke the story--from the dramatic scene when police first entered Dahmer's apartment to the lasting repercussions of the case today.


One night in July 1991, two policemen saw a man running handcuffed from the apartment of Jeffrey Dahmer. Investigating, they made a gruesome discovery: three human skulls in Dahmer's refrigerator and the body parts of at least 11 more people scattered throughout the apartment. Shortly after, Milwaukee Journal reporter Anne E. Schwartz received a tip that would change her life. Schwartz, who broke the story and had exclusive access to the principals involved, details the complete, inside story of Dahmer's dark life, the case, and its aftermath: the horrific crime scene and the shocking story that unfolded; the forensics; the riveting trial; and Dahmer's murder in prison. With approximately 12 images.

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