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My Vampire Plus-One - Jenna Levine

My Vampire Plus-One - Jenna Levine


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Nothing sucks more than falling in love with a vampire, in the next romance from the USA Today bestselling author of My Roommate Is a Vampire.

Amelia Collins is by definition successful. She would even go so far as to say successfully single. But not according to her family, and she's tired of the constant questions about her nonexistent dating life. When an invitation to yet another family wedding comes in the mail, she decides to get everyone off her back once and for all by finding someone—anyone—to pose as her date. If he's annoying, or embarrassing, so much the better.  

Coincidentally, Reginald Cleaves has centuries of experience at being rude, infuriatingly arrogant, and a fashion eyesore. Amelia keeps running into this peculiar man by accident, and it takes less than five minutes for her to realize he’s perfect for her purposes. Because as handsome as Reggie is, no one could possibly want to marry him . . . right?

As Amelia and Reggie practice their fauxmance, and more of Reggie's centuries-old secrets come to light, Amelia is surprised to find her first impressions could not have been more wrong. Suddenly, being single seems less than fang-tastic.

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