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Rover and Speck: It's a Gas - Jonathan Roth

Rover and Speck: It's a Gas - Jonathan Roth

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Rover and Speck are loose on an unknown gas giant planet. Will they survive? And what's so funny about “gas” anyway? Rover and Speck have found a new kind of planet to explore - a gas giant! The pair don't know what to expect when they launch themselves from their spaceship, so they're thrilled when they find life there. That is, until shark-like creatures start shooting sparks at them! And things only get worse when Rover is zapped out of commission by one of their bolts, leaving Speck to save the day on his own! Thankfully, Speck makes a new friend, Jelli, who's happy to help him try to avoid the Spark Sharks and get Rover back to their spaceship for a reboot. But will they be able to do it in time? This is the third installment in Jonathan Roth's popular graphic novel series about an endearingly mismatched pair of space-traveling rover friends: organized and careful Rover, and impulsive, excitable Speck. It features classic, colorful comic-style art and a fast-moving character-driven plot, and is packed with jokes, including kid-perfect riffs on how funny it is to say “gas”. Illustrated sidebars supplement the story with accessible information about gases and space, and a built-in drawing activity is included at the end of the story, making this book an engaging tool to augment lessons on gases as well as earth and space systems.

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