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Self Love Rainbow Workbook - Dominee Calderon

Self Love Rainbow Workbook - Dominee Calderon

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This bright, beautiful, life-affirming book features hundreds of exercises, worksheets, grids, journaling prompts and more to help readers learn to love and take care of themselves.

Self-Love Rainbow Workbook is a colorful collection of gentle instruction and enlivening exercises, activities and affirmations, all designed to help readers learn to love themselves, their bodies and their lives, and then support that love with the self-care necessary to sustain it.

Inside they’ll find an insightful discussion about what self-love is and how self-care is a reflection of self-love. They’ll also discover dozens of exercises and interactive pages that teach them how to assess their own beliefs about self-love and self-care and how to put the theories of self-care into a regular practice that will sustain them even when times are tough. There are prompts and worksheets devoted to exploring physical, emotional, personal, social, spiritual and practical aspects of self-care. Readers will learn how to set goals, nourish themselves and live a consistently healthy life.

Written and illustrated by Dominee Calderon, creator of the Self-Love Rainbow website (, with hundreds of thousands of fans, this book will inspire readers to stop making self-care a luxury they’ll never get to and turn it into a much welcomed, daily practice.

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