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Sunderland Vol 1 - The Extraordinary Disappointments of Leopold Perry - Ransom Riggs

Sunderland Vol 1 - The Extraordinary Disappointments of Leopold Perry - Ransom Riggs

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The much-anticipated new fantasy series from Ransom Riggs, his first since introducing the #1 global phenomenon Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series.

In the blurry weeks after his mother's death, Leopold found the seven puffy-boxed VHS tapes of its one, and perhaps only, season in a box of her things headed for the trash.... Sunderworld became a primary escape through some of the bleakest stretches of his childhood. In the midst of grief, he was happy only when immersed in Sunder. Leopold Barry is a teenager living in Los Angeles with his blowhard father. Leopold's mother died when he was twelve and was the source of her son's love both for LA and for movie magic. Since her passing, much of his life has been spent avoiding disappointing his father and obsessing over his favorite TV show-a 1990s kids' fantasy series called Sunderworld. To call Sunderworld a cult favorite is generous. As far as Leopold knows, he and his best friend Emmet are the only people in the world who watch it. Leopold and Emmet spent much of their early teens recreating the show, cheesy special effects and all. Leopold is convinced the Sunder mythology is real and he's destined to be Sunderworld's chosen one. It turns out he's half right. With the help of his best friend and some surprising allies from LA's weird side, Leopold must find a way to survive in a magical Los Angeles that's less disappointing and far stranger than even he ever imagined.

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