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The Cottage Around the Corner - D.L. Soria

The Cottage Around the Corner - D.L. Soria

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A feisty witch and a handsome mage must put their heated business rivalry aside to save their small town from supernatural forces in this charming, contemporary fantasy romcom from the author of Thief Liar Lady.

Chanterelle Cottage is Charlie Sparrow’s whole world. The cozy spellshop where she and her moms practice their witchcraft, selling goods and services to the people of small-town Owl’s Hollow, has been in her family for generations.

And okay, so business has been a little slow recently. And a recent burglary hit their inventory pretty hard. And the bank may not agree to restructure their loan. Charlie’s talented and savvy, and she’ll keep things afloat once her parents finally let her buy into the business as co-owner. But when a competing magecraft firm opens in town, things start to look bleak. After all, everyone knows there’s only room for one magic shop in Owl’s Hollow.

So what if Fitz, the mage who owns Maven Enterprises, happens to be ridiculously handsome in his ridiculously expensive suits? Who cares if, when Charlie can forget that Fitz is her competitor for a moment or two, things between them are as easy as breathing? It doesn’t matter, because Charlie is not going to get involved with the competition. In this battle of the businesses, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Chanterelle Cottage is the last shop standing.

But when strange supernatural events begin to plague the citizens of Owl’s Hollow, Charlie and Fitz must put their rivalry aside and their magic together to save the town. As they grow closer, it becomes harder for Charlie to keep her carefully drawn line in place. . . maybe Owl’s Hollow is big enough for a witch and a mage, after all?

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