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The Liar's Club Deluxe Limited Edition - Monica Murphy

The Liar's Club Deluxe Limited Edition - Monica Murphy


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He’s the former vice president’s son. And my biggest bully. Cold. Cruel.

Devastatingly gorgeous.

The moment I walk on campus we lock eyes and I see the hatred burning in his gaze. Everyone at Winfield Academy despises us, especially him. No matter what I do, or how hard I try to avoid him, he won’t leave me alone. What makes everything worse?

The night he kissed me—and I kissed him back.

He runs the student body with an iron-clad fist and expects me to be one of his dutiful followers, but I came to this school to learn something. To become something more. I'm not about to let him control me, though I can't deny the attraction growing between us.

Every single person at this school has secrets, even me, but I believe his are the biggest ones of all. When he warns me someone else on campus is guarding their own secrets, I realize he's serious. And they will do whatever it takes to stop me--us--from discovering them...

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