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A Whisper of Poison - Jess Lourey

A Whisper of Poison - Jess Lourey


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John Wick meets The Giver in this post-apocalyptic teen survival young adult novel from bestselling author Jess Lourey.

Rose is grateful to live in an enclosed biosphere behind an imposing wall, protected from the brutal chaos of the outside world. In her village, everyone is born knowing their place, their career, and their spouse. There is no stress because there are no choices.

Gryphon is assigned to be her husband. He is quick, he is beautiful, and he wishes every day he wasn’t bound to her. But Rose will accept their marriage because she never causes trouble.

Until a body harvest is called the same day as her wedding, and despite the decree that should have protected her family, her beloved little brother is chosen. Watching his terrified face as he’s dragged away, Rose makes a decision that will set her on a harrowing journey, one that forces her to choose between escape and annihilation as she uncovers the dark secret that has kept them behind the wall for centuries.

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