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Death By TBR Books

B-Movie Bloodbath - Isaac Nightingale

B-Movie Bloodbath - Isaac Nightingale

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I was nineteen years old when I was beaten to a pulp and left for dead.
Imprisoned for a murder I didn’t commit, I had to struggle to survive and fight for my freedom.

Unleashed on the world, I carried three gifts that would change the course of my life; a rock hard grudge, a taste for blood and some super-serum hot sauce coursing through my veins.
I wanted vengeance and I’d go through hell to get it.

Vampires, flesh melting skin stealers, Neo-Nazi prison gangs, an old ass fortune teller, a Texan gunslinger, a wheelchair-bound werewolf, two haunted revolvers...
And one hell of a road trip for revenge!
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