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Four Found Dead - Natalie D Richards

Four Found Dead - Natalie D Richards

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In this shocking new thriller from New York Times-bestselling author Natalie D. Richards, Jo and her friends are working the last shift at Tempest Theaters before it closes its doors forever… but when the power is cut and they’re locked inside by a murderer, they must escape before it’s too late.

It's the closing night at Riverview Theaters, the only remaining business in a shuttered shopping complex. The last moviegoers have left, and Jo Edwards and her seven coworkers just want to get through their final shift and be done with this job.

But as the work winds down, the tension builds. One of them has the keys to the locked lobby doors and isn’t letting them leave. And when the lights go out, it becomes clear why—his rage has driven him to kill someone in the crew.

Now it's up to Jo and her coworkers to escape, and their only way out is through the dark, sprawling complex, with boarded-up exits and dead security alarms. But it's also a perfect hunting ground for the one who wants them all dead, and who will kill again and again before the night is over.

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