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Hellaween - Moss Lawton

Hellaween - Moss Lawton

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This hilarious graphic novel debut follows an aspiring witch and her two best friends—a werewolf and a vampire—as they try to have a wickedly fun Halloween . . . while also contending with a pair of neighborhood do-gooders hell-bent on vanquishing evil. Perfect for fans of The Okay Witch and anyone who needs a good laugh!

Learning to become a witch can be hella difficult. Luckily, Gwen has Sloane and Miles, her two best friends in the whole world. Except they’re not actually from this world—they’re from the Hallowlands, a frightening realm filled with all manner of monsters. And Sloane (a werewolf) and Miles (a vampire) can only cross over into our human world in the days leading up to Halloween, when the boundary between the worlds grows thin.
This year, Gwen is determined to prove her magical prowess to her monster friends. With the help of a brand new wand and the gift of a real grimoire, she’s hoping they will finally see that she's ready to return with them to the Hallowlands, so she can leave boring suburbia behind.
But Gwen hadn’t counted on running into Hiro, a local kid who’s just a little too obsessed with monster-hunting, and his mission to rid his town of evil. When Hiro and his best friend Bea start making trouble for the supernatural trio, they’ll have to use all their powers to avoid having their secrets exposed—or worse. And when Gwen’s quest to prove herself leads to some unintended consequences, the five of them may just have to put aside their differences and band together to take on some bigger, badder nightmarish creatures that have escaped from the Hallowlands. 

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