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It Came From the Woods - Matthew Mercer

It Came From the Woods - Matthew Mercer

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What was supposed to be a simple college assignment has turned into a week-long camping trip, filmed and documented by eight friends. Their target? Bigfoot.

The footage they captured on their trip has been a matter of heavy debate for almost forty years now. In an effort to move on with her life, Nancy Miller is inviting a filmmaking crew to her home, where they will interview her while she watches her own complete and unedited copies of the footage for the very first time. Watching the people she leaves get slaughtered in the woods and reliving her greatest nightmare will be one of the worst experiences she will ever have, but getting the world to believe that Bigfoot killed your friends is not an easy task.

Matthew Mercer continues his "It Came" anthology series with this indirect sequel to "It Came From Above." The author combines the 80s slasher formula with a unique "found-footage" narrative to bring an even more thrilling, gory, horrifying, and suspenseful story than his last.
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