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Return of the Living Elves

Return of the Living Elves

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By: Brian Peter Asman

When Christmas supply warehouse manager Jimmy tries to help new employee Tommy find a last-minute gift for his girlfriend, they accidentally unleash a long-forgotten and very seasonal genetic experiment with a taste for human flesh. As elf-zombie hybrids take over the small town of Pine Canyon, California, Jimmy fights to survive alongside a Christpunk named Landfill, and a mysterious, PTSD-stricken soldier. Hold onto your stockings because the elves are back, baby!

"This Yuletide-themed homage to one of the greatest zombie films ever made is a rollicking good time. Brian Asman delivers laughs and gory thrills galore in a book sure to put you in the holiday spirit-if you don't get disemboweled first. Eat the fruitcake and take the ride." -Bryan Smith, author of 68 Kill

"With 'Return of the Living Elves, ' Brian Asman shows he's the funniest, goriest, scariest comedy-horror creator this side of James Gunn. If you loved 'Man, F*ck This House' (and you should love 'Man, F*ck This House'), you're going to absolutely flip for this one."- Nick Kolakowski, author of Absolute Unit and Love & Bullets

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