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Right on Cue - Falon Ballard

Right on Cue - Falon Ballard

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From the beloved author of Just My Type and Lease on Love comes a new romantic comedy in which a former actress-turned-screenwriter finds herself back in the spotlight, only for her romantic lead to be the one man she can’t stand.

Emmy Harper is no stranger to Hollywood. Daughter of a beloved celebrity couple, she’s made a name for herself as a screenwriter, penning some of the most popular movies of the past decade. But her latest project has hit a standstill—unable to find the perfect leading lady, Emmy’s been recruited to take on the role herself, dusting off acting skills she hasn’t used in over a decade.

The prospect of headlining a film is daunting enough, but things take a turn for the worse when a series of unexpected events leaves her with the one costar she can’t trust: Grayson West. A blockbuster action hero known for his megawatt smile and impossible abs, Grayson is anyone’s dream of a romantic lead. Too bad Emmy still blames him for her disastrous first movie and the early end to her acting career.

When they get to set, the friction between Emmy and Grayson risks tanking the movie, and no one knows if it’s lingering awkwardness from their youth or unresolved sexual tension. But if they want to save the production—and their own careers—they need to get their acts together quickly, both on and off camera.

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