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The Girls in the Cabin - Caleb Stephens

The Girls in the Cabin - Caleb Stephens

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They find a cabin in the woods and think they're finally safe. But little do they know, the nightmare is just beginning.

This camping trip is Chris's last chance to keep his family together. His wife is gone and, after what he did, his daughters aren't speaking to him. But things go wrong as soon as they get to the mountains.

Kayla is still so pissed at him, and Emma runs off into the woods. By the time they find her, she's broken her leg and there's a bad storm rolling in. They need shelter, fast.

They think they've found sanctuary when they come across an old farmstead. The woman inside welcomes them in out of the howling blizzard and straps up Emma's leg.

But the phone lines are down. The roads are blocked. And the woman in the cabin is not what she seems . . .

Will Chris and his daughters survive the night?

Set in the stunning wilderness of the Colorado Flat Tops, this addictive thriller packed with shocking twists will make you question everything you think you know about family.

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