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The October Society: Season One

The October Society: Season One

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By: Christopher Robertson

"The six tales in The October Society reflect the six characters who tell them. From haunted drive-ins to Halloween night, Robertson gives us stories that are fun, enchanting, and everything in between. More than that, he gives us a cast of characters that we can all relate to in some way." - Kelly Brocklehurst (editor of Welcome to the Funhouse).

"A weird and whimsical collection of heartfelt horror stories that never fail to entertain or thrill." - Jamie Stewart (author of I Hear The Clattering of the Keys and Other Fever Dreams).

"The writing is as clear and descriptive as seeing the scenes unfold in front of you on TV." -

Halloween approaches, and The October Society gathers. They come to share their stories. Tales of dark magic and crooked lies. Of tragic pasts and wicked cruelty. Of misguided misadventure and sinister pranks...

Collected here are the first six episodes of the spookiest show that never was. A series only found in the static between channels, that can only be watched on broken TVs in dusty attics and damp basements. Tune in, if you can, because the author of My Zombie Sweetheart welcomes you to The October Society.

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